December 2011

A 7-hour all-trance event!!!

This was my first time to go dancing in a long time, and what a great way to come back to the dancing scene: an event of 7 straight hours of trance, my favorite kind of music!  It was totally AWESOME!!!  The music was right down my line, and the light show was the best light show I’ve ever seen.  I danced for 6 of the 7 hours; I took an hour break and ate at the adjacent café.  Below is a link to a video I compiled from the event, plus a link to a photo album.  The photos & videos were all taken on an iPhone 4S.

Click the title above or picture on the left to see my video compilation of the event.  I have some photos linked to the right, which give a bit of a glimpse, but the photos don’t do justice to the light show, let alone allow you to hear the great music.  So I encourage you to download the video to get the full effect of this great event.  On my computer and 1.5 Mbps DSL internet connection, it takes about 45 minutes to download the 15-minute video.

Click on either the picture above or the one below to see my photo album from this event.  By the way, it was a surprise birthday party for one of the DJs, Rodimus, organized by his wife. Now how cool is that?

Photo album from enTrance