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This page was first posted July 1, 2012

G-Powered is a duo from Finland -- Kimmo Korpela produces and mixes the music, and Miia Rautkoski provides the vocals. They share songwriting, as well as bring in additional people for the songwriting.

Trance music is clearly my favorite kind of music, and among the subgenres of trance, melodic vocal trance is clearly my favorite among them.  But until I got this album, I had not heard of a Christian melodic vocal trance artist.  I was SOOOO elated to discover this album!

It's unusual how I discovered it, also.  I don't remember exactly where I discovered this; I only remember that it was on some discussion board on the web on a topic I don't even remember -- maybe it was something like, "Where did all the Christian dance music go?" because it seemed like the whole movement, quite alive in the 1990s, died off rather suddenly around 2003.  Whatever the precise topic was, in this discussion board somebody posted a YouTube link to the song "I Belong To You" by G-Powered.  I checked it out, and immediately knew I had to have this album!!!  This is MY kind of music all the way!!!

I was able to track it down, and in the process learned that G-Powered is from Finland, and the album "I Belong To You" came from, Trust, is their third album, though their first one in English.  In March 2011 I purchased it and I've been listening to it ever since.

This album is not only my style of music; it is also my style of lyrics.  A lot of Christian dance music -- way too much of it, in my opinion -- is instrumental.  I mean, the whole reason I listen to Christian music is for a God-connection, and I want the lyrics that bring me into that frame of mind.  Sure, I can worship God through an instrumental song, but if it's instrumental, it doesn't matter whether or not it comes from someone who's a Christian; being that there's no words, I can worship just as easily through an instrumental song recorded by a secular artist as by a Christian artist.  Even the Christian dance music albums that DO have lyrics, though, too often the lyrics are very minimal -- just brief phrases here and there, or worse, one brief phrase repeated throughout the song.

So this is why G-Powered ranks far above all other Christian dance music albums or songs I've gotten recently: they have substantial lyrics.  Furthermore, the lyrics are my style: they are vertically-focused lyrics.  As I said above, I want  a God-connection, and the most of the lyrics on this album are words spoken to God.

There are 10 songs on the album and I thoroughly enjoy every one of them.  But one song stands above all the rest as my clear favorite -- the title track "Trust."  The music is melodic vocal trance in a state of PERFECTION, with every element of trance that reaches deep down into my musical soul and makes my spine tingle.  The electronic riffs are absolutely perfect.  The piano interlude is wonderfully gorgeous. The sequencing of the elements in the song structure is trance perfection.   All of the songs on this album are excellent expressions of trance music, but this is the quintessential track among them.

But it's not only the music in the song "Trust" that is right down my line; the lyrics are also right where I am spiritually, seeking to build my trust in God and handing myself over to him unreservedly.  Here are some lyrical samples from the song:

I have fought and lost my battles in my own strength

All along I knew there's no great power than yours

It's my heart's desire to learn to know you more and more

To discover what it means that you will always love me

Even if it means I must give up, I choose to put my trust in you

Even if it means changing inside, I choose to let you make me new

I sing this song to God from my heart, yet at the same time, find it hard to sing, because it is speaking of submission, not holding on to anything but giving it all to him, something that's hard to do.

Now for some other favorites of mine.  One is "You Know It All," with the lyrics, "You are aware of my daily thoughts and needs."  The song "You Will Not Leave Me" is particularly meaningful to me now due to the situation in my personal life; I sing these lyrics to God with full emotion: "I know that you will not leave me; When the world around me falls apart, you will not leave me; Forever I belong to you 'cause you will never leave me."

This was my #1 "drive to church album" of 2011.  I have listened to this album on my drive to church so many times now that when I hear the songs, the place where I normally am as they play may come to mind.  One song that works especially well for driving is "Dark Land."  The chorus goes, "On your beauty, I want to turn my eyes; so dark is this land, I just want to see the heaven."  As I sing this song, I look to the sky and can picture Jesus sitting on the throne, surrounded by the cherubim singing "Holy, holy, holy is the Lord," and the 24 elders bowing down and worshiping, and all the glory surrounding the King of Kings…definitely, I want to turn my eyes to His beauty and admire the wonder and awe of his majesty.

One more song I'd like to mention that is among my favorites lyrically is "Give Me Wings."  Worshiping God is a kind of lifting experience…as you reach toward him, and he reaches back to you, it makes you feel lighter.  These words express that feeling in me: "Give me wings strong enough to keep me in the air when I get weary, then I'll make it there where I meet your love!"  And with that I can feel the rejoicing of that rendezvous.

Ten fabulous songs, all beautiful trance music, and a lyrical focus that is just the kind of focus that I like…this is a fabulous album!  My only complaints are two minor ones.  The main one is that the songs are too short.  Most of them are about 3½ minutes long -- way too short!  At least some of these should be 6 or 7 minutes long.  I would like to see some of these made into extended versions -- my vote for the first one to do this is "Trust"!  The other complaint is that sometimes the words are a little clunky, not as smoothly poetic as I like (such as the final song, that speaks of "Your unbreakable love"), but I can forgive them for this because English is not their native language.  At least they have made one of their four albums in English, so I greatly appreciate that.  It is so hard to find good Christian dance music, even harder to find Christian dance music with substantial lyrics, and even harder to find Christian melodic vocal trance!  So this album is a treasure for me!  I continue to listen to this album regularly in 2012, and I am sure it will be in my CD player regularly for a long time to come!


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