2010 Music Awards


5. PARADOXX:  Contamination: Paradoxx Remixed

2006?, Industrial, Christian thematic

Purchased from an Amazon third party for $12.97

Amazon.com sales rank:  1,239,166 (No longer available)

MP3 tracks at Amazon?  No

Available at iTunes?  No

Remixes of songs from Paradoxx’s first two albums, New Devotion and Atomika.  I got the album in 2009, but it didn’t gel with me right away -- the remixes were not the way I would have remixed the songs.  But in 2010, when funds were limited, I started digging for under-utilized albums, and found that once I got used to the remixes being different than I was expecting, I liked the album after all.  Two tracks I really liked from the first listen: the remixes of “Submission” and the Anita Blake Nightmare remix of “Vampyr.”

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4. TARA VANFLOWER:  My Little Fire-Filled Heart

2007, Darkwave / Experimental, Christian worldview & thematic

Purchased used from an Amazon third party for $8.99

Amazon.com sales rank:  540,385

MP3 tracks at Amazon? Yes

Available at iTunes? No, but her first album is (This Womb Like Liquid Honey)

A very different album.  The mood is dark and mysterious.  The focus is Tara’s vocals, multilayered, along with sound effects; the use of instruments playing music is minimal.  There is a lot of reverb, giving it a dungeon-like feel.  The most striking tracks to me are the overtly Christian ones -- in “Naked King,” the whipping and ridicule of Jesus is vivid; “A Rusted Nail Through The Wrist” connects rejection of Christ as crucifying him; “A Conversation With Death” explicitly points out the eternal effect of rejecting God.

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2.  ASOBI SEKSU:  Hush

2009, Alternative / Shoegazer, Secular

Purchased new from the record label (via Amazon) for $11.97

Amazon.com sales rank:  129,635

MP3 tracks at Amazon?  Yes

Available at iTunes?  Yes

Asobi Seksu’s last album, Citrus, was #2 on my 2006 Music Awards. This is another album of beautiful sounds perfect for hot summer days.  As with their last album, some songs have flavors of My Bloody Valentine in them, but on this album they have reduced the layers of guitars.  The mood remains at times dreamy; other times it becomes decidedly cheerful.

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3.  APT.CORE:  Rhythms Of Remembrance

2001, Chill, Christian thematic

Purchased used from Amazon third party for $2.99

Amazon.com sales rank:  337,136

MP3 tracks at Amazon?  Yes

Available at iTunes?  Yes

I knew of the existence of this album when it first came out, but didn’t think I would like it--and actually, back then, I may not have.  But in 2010, “chill” music was one of my top genres, so this fit right in. This album has downtempo dance beats with spoken words from the Bible, the liturgy, the Lord’s Prayer, etc., which also makes it a nice break lyrically from praise & worship lyrics.

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  1. 1.MY BLOODY VALENTINE: Loveless

1991, Alternative / Shoegazer, Secular

Purchased used from Amazon 3rd party for $4.70

Amazon.com sales rank:  2,521

MP3 at Amazon?  Yes

Available at iTunes?  Yes

This is a landmark album that created and defined an entire genre.  It’s used as a reference to so many other groups’ albums--”Sounds like My Bloody Valentine.”  Notice how even though it’s 20 years old, it’s still ranked 2,521 in sales at Amazon!  Way fuzzed out guitars, dreamy or blurry mood, female or male vocals, but all vocals are drowned out by the wall of guitar sound.  This is the kind of music I like to listen to on hot, summer days.

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     2010 was another year in the poor house, still with no full-time job, so music purchases were limited.  it was even worse than 2009, because unlike 2009, I didn’t get any gift certificates as birthday or Christmas gifts, so funds for music purchases were extremely limited.  As a result, this is a very short list.  I only acquired 15 albums the whole year, which is fewer than what I have on some of my other best of the year lists!

     It was a long, hot summer in 2010, so summer music dominated my listening, and the top two albums on my list consist of hot summer music.  The remaining summer music was from albums I’ve enjoyed in summer for the past decade.  My second most frequently-listened-to music was chill, but I have so many different chill albums (mostly from my days of freebies from Borders) that none dominated the list, other than #3 by Apt.Core.  In 2009, I bought a few other Christian chill albums from around 2000 that I listened to, but they didn’t appeal to me enough to make the list.

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