1980s Christian Music Awards

  1. Bullet Dance, particularly melodic vocal trance and other electronic styles, such as Eurobeat, techno, and synthpop

  2. Bullet Floating, fuzzed-out guitar alternative rock and shoegazer

  3. Bullet Pop punk

  4. Bullet Chill

  5. Bullet Industrial

  6. Bullet Gothic & darkwave

  7. Bullet World Beat, particularly with Middle Eastern and Indian sounds

  8. Bullet Rap

  9. Bullet Indie pop / Dream pop

  10. Bullet Reggaeton (not reggae)

  11. Bullet Modern rock if it’s interesting (too much of it is boring)

  12. BulletClassical, particularly baroque

  13. Bullet Classical crossover

  14. Bullet Experimental

  15. Bullet Psychedelia

  16. Bullet Funk / r&b

  17. Bullet Zydeco

  18. Bullet ...and more

  1. Bullet Bon Voyage

  2. Bullet Paradoxx

  3. Bullet Aleixa

  4. Bullet Broomtree

  5. Bullet Morella’s Forest

  6. Bullet Miss Angie

  7. Bullet Andy Hunter

  8. Bullet Michelle Tumes

  9. Bullet Viva Voce

  10. Bullet Cocteau Twins

  11. Bullet Regenerator

  12. Bullet Sarah Masen

  13. Bullet Shonen Knife

  1. Bullet Audile

  2. Bullet Bananarama

  3. Bullet Beckah Shae

  4. Bullet Capital Kings

  5. Bullet David Thulin

  6. Bullet DJ Jireh

  7. Bullet Andy Hunter

  8. Bullet Rengerator

  9. Bullet Miss Angie

  10. Bullet Joanna Beasley

  1. Bullet Rick Juler Systems, Cincinnati, Ohio, 1989 & 1991: Live DJing at various locations, including dance clubs, a roller skating rink, a waterpark, and special events.

  2. Bullet United Skates Of America, Springfield, Ohio, 1979 & 1989.

  3. Bullet Various college and school dances

  1. Bullet 2013

  2. Bullet 2012

  3. Bullet 2011

  4. Bullet 2010

  5. Bullet 2009

  6. Bullet 2008

  7. Bullet 2007

  8. Bullet 2006

  9. Bullet 2005

  10. Bullet 2004

  11. Bullet 2003

  12. Bullet 2002

  13. Bullet 2001

  14. Bullet 2000

  15. Bullet 1999

  16. Bullet 1998

  1. Bullet Greatest Rock & Modern Rock

  2. Bullet Greatest Pop & Pop Dance

  3. Bullet Greatest “Other” Styles

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List #3: My Favorite Christian Albums

Of The 1980s -- Other Styles

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This last list of my favorite contemporary Christian music albums of the 1980s consists of albums that don't really fit on either of the other lists--they're not exactly mainstream pop, and they're not exactly rock either; they're kind of their own special music.

  1.  Mark Heard:  Appalachian Melody  (1979--but I didn't get it until 1980)

  2.  Mark Heard:  Eye Of The Storm (1983)

  3.  Amy Grant:  A Christmas Album (1983)

  4.  Silverwind:  By His Spirit (1985)

  5.  Silverwind:  A Song In The Night (1982)

  6.  Randy Stonehill:  Equator (1983)

  7.  Wendy & Mary:  The Wind Came Singing (1983)

  8.  Wendy & Mary:  Out Of The Fullness (1981)

  9.  John Michael Talbot & Terry Talbot:  The Painter (1980)

10.  Keith Green:  So You Wanna Go Back To Egypt (1980)

11.  Kemper Crabb:  The Vigil (1982)


The above MARK HEARD albums are primarily mellow acoustic guitar material. I listen to these two albums every autumn, even to this day!  His other albums are more electric guitar.  He died in 1992.

It was always astonishing to us how SILVERWIND could sound *exactly* like Abba!  But I never thought of them as copycat derivatives; it was great to have an Abba sound with Christian lyrical themes.  In 2009, I had such a strong resurgence in my interest in Silverwind that I recorded the albums onto CD to listen to in my car (see “Silverwind Resurrected” below).

RANDY STONEHILL was one of the original Christian rockers.  He released his first album about 1970, before there were even any contemporary Christian record labels as such.  (That album was on Larry Norman's underground label.)  "Equator" contains a mixture of sounds, from his usual acoustic-guitar song-stories, to a bit of Caribbean, to some crazy stuff that just doesn't fit in any category.

WENDY & MARY did *gorgeous* mellow acoustic guitar music!

"The Vigil" by KEMPER CRABB was a unique album that was about a man preparing to go on the Crusades of the Middle Ages.  It mixes a Middle Ages sound with contemporary music.  Very interesting.

JOHN MICHAEL TALBOT used to be a folksy-hippie kind of acoustic guitar player/singer, then in the late 1970s he converted to Catholicism.  His first Catholic album was "The Lord's Supper," which is a timeless acoustic guitar/choral work of art.  (It is not on this list because it came out in 1979.)  "The Painter" has his "new" sound but without the choirs.  He is a top-notch musician.

On Christmas Day, my sister-in-law got a DVD of Mamma Mia. I hate cooking but don't mind dishes, so I volunteered to do the dishes providing I didn't have to help cook. So while I was doing dishes, she put Mamma Mia on the home theater system. I could not see the screen from the kitchen, but I could easily hear the music, which was cranked up to a solid volume. It was great hearing all those old ABBA songs again, and from time to time I danced around the room as they played.

That got me on an ABBA kick. After I returned home to Michigan, at New Year's, I played my ABBA greatest hits album first, then I put on ABBA's Super Trouper, which has the song "Happy New Year" on it, plus one of my favorite ABBA songs of all time, "Lay All Your Love On Me." Still hungry for more ABBA, I next put on an album I hadn't listened to in years, Voulez-Vous.

Well, I prefer Christian music because I want songs that help keep me focused on Jesus. While thoroughly enjoying ABBA, but wanting something more spiritually fulfilling, suddenly I remembered SILVERWIND!!!

When Silverwind put out their first album (sometime around 1980), people commented that they kind of sounded like ABBA. When they put out their second album, A Song In The Night (in 1982), I guess they decided to just go with it, because some of the songs on there sound exactly like ABBA! I don't have Silverwind's first album, but I got out A Song In The Night and played it many times. Then I started looking at my records and discovered I had another Silverwind album that I loved but had forgotten about--By His Spirit. I then recalled how I had been blown away when first hearing this third album of theirs when it came out in 1985, blown away because it had not only the ABBAesque vocals but also some lovely synthesizer sounds they hadn't used before! So I started playing that album a lot too.

I've been on such a Silverwind kick lately that I put the two albums onto a CD. Now I can listen to four sides of records without interruption. I also put the albums on my iPod. I've been thoroughly enjoying their rich vocals, the enchanting synthesizers, and lyrics that are explicitly Christian.


Here is a song from their album A Song In The Night (which as of this writing, is selling for $110-$150 at Amazon!), a song that's an example of how much they can sound like ABBA. It's called "Elyia," and is about a woman in Communist Russia who boldly proclaims her faith despite the danger of persecution.


(Blog archive from the now defunct J Lee’s Soapbox blog.  January 25, 2009)

Here is one of my favorite songs by Silverwind, "Heaven Is Being With You," from their album By His Spirit.

The list on this page originally appeared on my blog, J Lee’s Soapbox, on January 4, 1998.  The blog’s software was eventually abandoned by its maker, Lifli, such that it wouldn’t work on current OS X platforms, and it was hosted on Apple’s MobileMe, which they discontinued on June 30, 2012.  So, Lifli & Apple killed my blog.  Selected postings from my blog will re-appear here and there on my website, as has been done on this page.

The second article on this page was also originally in my blog, J Lee’s Soapbox, posted on January 25, 2009.

These two items were posted on this website on July 8, 2012.

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