Maiden Lane Church of God, Springfield, Ohio (1960-1978) -- The church I was born and raised in. It was a growing, vibrant church in my childhood years, but then went through a period of steep decline in my teen years (it has since recovered). I was so active in this church that I was there nearly every day of the week for something or other. I haven't been that active in a church since.

God's Freewill Tabernacle, rural Indiana (1978-1980) -- My first (and only) full-blown charismatic church. It was a whole new world for me, having grown up in a dead evangelical church, to experience the lively worship, the strong faith in miracles, and other such facets of charismatic churches. It's just what I needed at the time. But eventually some of the excesses of "charismania" got to me and I went to a church that still was free in their worship but didn't suffer from excesses (that would be the unnamed barn church above).

First Assembly of God Church, Springfield, Ohio (Summer 1979) -- Because of my great experiences at God's Freewill Tabernacle, I decided to find a similar church that summer. It was a strong lesson in the difference between Pentecostal and Charismatic. I learned that I definitely didn't like Pentecostal.

some church that met in a barn, Anderson, Indiana (1980-1982, 1983-84) -- This was a great church. The barn was remodeled inside, of course. The chairs were in a circle with microphones at both ends. During worship, people would often dance with joy in the middle. At various times, people would go to one of the microphones and share Scriptures or give a testimony. This was all unplanned; it was a very spontaneous kind of church. You could tell it was a leftover hippie church. The worship was wonderful. Church lasted 3 hours but it never seemed that long.

One Way House, Springfield, Ohio (1982-1983) -- They met in a barn, but it was BARELY remodeled. We sat on the floor (on some old carpet) or primitive benches. The worship was wonderful, the teaching good. They later moved to a church building, which I describe below. (The name One Way House referred to their main ministry, a place for people to live who were in a directionless stage of their life.)

Lakeview Temple, Indianapolis, Indiana (1984-1985) -- A large Assembly of God church (about 2000 people). I was fresh out of college, so the size of the young singles group was great--about 75 people. They were great fun yet very spiritual.

some Nazarene Church, Indianapolis, Indiana (a brief time in 1984) -- I had had trouble developing friendships at Lakeview, and I met someone from this church who was friendly, so I started going there. Everyone was really friendly to me, but I was eventually turned off by their legalism, so I went back to Lakeview and became aggressive in my finding of friends.

Mayo Memorial United Methodist Church, Paintsville, Kentucky (1985-1986) -- Not much to choose from in the way of churches in a hillbilly town of 8000 people, but considering the choices available, this was a pretty good church. An interesting experience--the first mainline church I'd ever attended.

Larchmont Church of God, Louisville, Kentucky (1986-1987) -- I started going there because some friends of mine from college attended there. The church services were mostly dreadful, but we four guys had fabulous and deep theological and philosophical discussions as we pondered God and the meaning of life.

A church I don't remember the name of, Frankfort, Kentucky (1988) -- I had to work every other Sunday, so I could only attend this one every other Sunday. Don't remember much about it, other than once the pastor had a prophetic message for me.

Christian Fellowship Church (name?), Springfield, Ohio (1989) -- A church that began in a barn as One Way House (mentioned above), grew up and bought a church building. Great worship. The only church I've been in that did Petra's "Jesus Glorious One" during worship!

Nagoya Union Church, Nagoya, Japan (1990) -- One of two English-speaking churches I was aware of in town. I went to a Japanese church in the mornings (don't know the name of it, but it was a church plant from the Korean megachurch of Paul Cho), and this church in the afternoons.

Fellowship Christian Church, Cincinnati, Ohio (1991) -- The sanctuary of this church had huge floor to ceiling windows at the front of each side so you could see the woods as you worshiped...a great close-to-nature feel. This church was very active in pro-life activities, and through them my wife & I participated in an Operation Rescue. By the way, this is the church where my wife & I got married.

NewSong Church, Covina, California (1992-1994) -- Willow Creek style, although it wasn't part of the Willow Creek denomination--however, the founding pastor, after 10 years, went to be the Gen-X pastor at Willow Creek church in Chicago! Great worship bands (mostly Integrity Hosanna music), drama, multimedia etc. The church was geared to seekers, but the sermons had an amazing way of being perfect for seekers yet incredibly challenging for veteran Christians. A fairly large church (1300 people total in three services).

A church in Taiwan that I don't remember the name of, Taichung, Taiwan (1994-1995) -- The only English-speaking church in town, to my knowledge. Certainly the biggest one.

Harvest Community Church, Glendora, California (1995-1996) -- A new, small, simple congregation but I had good friends there. I also shared the leading of worship with one other person (she played piano, we both sang, and took turns choosing the worship songs).

RiverEdge Community Church (a Willow Creek congregation), Ann Arbor, Michigan (1998-2000) -- Sunday services consisted of drama, multimedia, and musical performances (plus a sermon) designed for "seekers.”   Wednesday night services were worship and Bible study.

Vineyard Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan (1997, 2001 to present) -- When I started here, it was the greatest worship I'd experienced at any church! Week after week the worship was fabulous, both in musical quality (great guitarists, drummers, and other instrumentalists) and in the way the congregation worshiped.  The sermons are superb. The overall church focus is right on target.  I have much to say about this church.

St. Paul’s Lutheran Church and St. Luke’s Lutheran Church, Ann Arbor, Michigan (2007 to 2010) -- I began attending these two churches when Vineyard dropped their Saturday night services in September 2007.  These were the only two churches I could find in town (besides Catholic churches) that met on Saturday evening.  I alternate between the two depending on the situation (one meets earlier than the other).  I've learned some liturgical practices from my experience at these.

Northridge Church, Plymouth, Michigan (2010 to present) -- Currently I have this church listed in the “Churches I’ve Visited” section because for the years I’ve lived here in Michigan, that’s what it was--a place I visited sometimes.  But in July 2010, I started going there regularly on Saturday nights, discontinuing my attendance at the Lutheran churches.  The main reason was because I wanted more challenging sermons than I was getting at the Lutheran churches.  When I make a page in “Churches I’ve Regularly Attended” for Northridge Church, I’ll explain my reasons in more detail.  For now you can learn about the church at this page.

Here is a listing with brief description of all the churches I have regularly attended in my life, in chronological order.  I intend to write about some of them in more detail as I have time.  Full descriptions are already complete for Maiden Lane & God’s Freewill Tabernacle.

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